How to Do Photograph Lightning and Increase Your Chances to Catch One.

How to Photograph Lightning and Increase Your Chances to Catch One
 ISO 320, 50mm, F/13, 15sec

You want to find a simple way to photo lightnings ?

For Taking Photos of Lightnings You Will Need:

       1. Digital or film camera.
       2. Tripod.
       3. Luck.

How to Do It :

       - Put the camera on  manual mode (M).
       - Set the lens on manual focus and focus on the landscape.
       - Set a small aperture to take a photo a bit underexposed  ( this will prevent to           burn the photo when the lightning strikes ).
       - Set a long exposure ( will help to capture light ).
       - For film camera  manual kip long exposure using the bulb (B) mode.
Its a bit difficult to find the perfect settings because lightnings differs in sizes and luminosity.

Lightning photography
Lightning catch
                   ISO 500, 11 mm, F/12, 15sec                          ISO 100, 18 mm, F/5.6, 30sec

4 Ways to Increase Your Chances to Catch Lightning.

      1. Take a cover for the camera and a waterproof jacket for you ( not an umbrella ).                                              
          You'll be able to take pictures in the rain.

      2. Use a wide angle lens to capture more field.
          More filed = less misfires.

      3. Turn off  the "long exposure, noise reduction" function.
          The camera will never go busy this will help to take more pictures.
          The quality of the pictures  will be unobservable.

Ways to Increase Your Chances to Catch Lightning
                                          Turned on                                   Turned off
Ways to Increase Your Chances to Catch Lightning
                                                  ISO 400, 50 mm, F/10, 10sec

      4. Use a timer remote control.
          You can set the time exposure on camera for example: 15 sec and set your  timer remote to take a                                    
          picture every 15 sec.
          This way you will not miss anything.

         Good Loocok

          If you have any questions leave a comment.


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