How to Shoot in Studio, Fast and Easy

Studio Photo

In many cases what you see on the camera display differs from what you will see on the PC monitor.
You can see your work and work directly from your computer.

Work faster and easier.
If you shoot in a studio or you make product photography at home this tip will help you a lot.

What you need:

- USB mini cable;
- Laptop or PC;
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom;

The USB cable is plugged into the A/V out digital socket.

USB mini cable

USB and camera

USB plugged in camera
The next step is to turn on your camera.

Open Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Go to:
File >Tethered Capture > Start Tethered Capture...

Tethered Capture

Will appear on the screen the tethered capture settings window.

Tethered Capture Settings

From this window you can:

- name session;
- name photos;
- set destination for save the photos;
- add metadata;

Click OK and the capture bar will appear.

Capture Bar

The capture bar shows your camera settings ( shutter sped, aperture value, ISO, white balance ).

With the capture bar you can shot pictures directly from the computer,  pressing the circle from the right side.

Capture Bar Capture Buton

You can shot pictures with lightroom presets or your own presets.

Capture Presets

Lightroom B&W Filter Presets
Lightroom B&W Filter Presets - Orange Filter



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