How to Make Macro and Super Macro Photos with Cheap Lens

Macro dandelion 50 mm reversed lens

If you want to make macro photos and you don't have money to spend on expensive macro lens here is a solution

For macro photos you need:

- light
- a 50mm, 35mm or a wide-angle lens

You need to reverse the lens.

Macro photos Reversed lens

Hold reversing lens with your hand.

Macro photos reversed lens

Outdoor you need to be careful because the senor will be expose more often than when you change the lens.
You can use a reverse ring which allows to reverse the lens and use it like a normal lens.

reverse ring macro photos

When taking shots you will focus by going closer or away from subject.
The focusing distance will be somewhere between 5-20 cm depends from the lens.

In the next photos will see the strings of the guitar in macro with:

Reversed 50mm lens:

Macro revers lens 50mm canon

Other examples with reversed 50mm lens:

Macro photography reverse lens

Macro reverse lens photo 50mm

Macro leaf reverse 50 mm lens

Macro reverse rings reverse lens

Reversed 18-135mm lens:

With the zoom from this lens you can magnify the object but in reverse way.
At 18mm the object will be bigger and at 135mm the object will be smaller.

At 135mm:

Macro guitar string whit reverse lens

At 18mm:

Macro whit reverse wide-angle lens

For Super macro photos you need:

- light
- zoom lens
- 50mm, 35mm or wide-angle lens
- tripod
- adapter ring

Can make super macro photos without the adapter ring but you will struggle a bit because is difficult to focus on a small thing whit the hands on the reversed lens.

You need to mount the zoom lens on the camera and in front the zoom lens will put the 50mm, 35mm or wide-angle lens reversed.

Setup for super macro photos

To focus on a object is the same thing like above on macro photos.
With the zoom lens wee can magnify the object.

Zoom lens at 75mm + 50mm lens reversed:

Super macro photography reverse lens

Super macro reverse lens photography

Zoom lens at 300mm + 50mm lens reversed:

Super macro reverse lens canon

Super macro reverse lens

The focusing distance will much smaller between 1-5 cm depends from the zoom from lens and the lens.

Focal distance macro reverse lens

Pixels from screen reverse lens

Outdoor macro photo reverse lens

Zoom lens at 300mm + 18-135mm lens reversed (at 18 mm):

Super macro reverse wide-angle lens

Super macro wide-angle reverse lens

The last tow photos was taken without a adapter ring and wasn't simple but is not impossible

For light in the strings photos I used a Canon 430ex II flash.

Hope it will be useful.
If you have any questions leave me a comment.


  1. What type of adapter ring did you use for the 18-135mm lens?
    do certain rings fit to only certain lens seeing as the classic 18-55mm is smaller than the 18-135

    1. For 18-135 I did not use any adapter, I just reverse the lens and I held in hand.