DIY Cartboard Pattern - Create Your Own Bokeh Effect in Photography and Video

DIY - Bokeh effect
ISO 100, 50mm, f/1,8, 2.0sec 

The bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur in out of focus areas of an image.

This time I will show you how to transform the out of focus lights into a shape.

What you will need:
  • pen or a pair of compasses
  • sheet of black cardboard
  • scissors
  • cutter or sharp knife
  • lens with a large aperture (f /1.2, f/1.4, f/1.8) or a zoom lens

 DIY - what you need for bokeh effect
I will use a Canon 50 mm, f/ 1.8.

Now you need to cut the cardboard to the lens diameter.
Yow can use the lens for marking or just a pair of compasses.

diy marking bokeh pattern

 dyi - cutting the cardboard disc for the Bokeh effect

 the cardboard disc for the bokeh effect

You cut a shape into the middle of the circle.

 cutting the pattern for bokeh efect

Place the cardboard circle into the lens.

 disc cardboard pattern effect for bokeh

Take your camera and have fun.
Take the shot in the largest aperture (im my case f/1.8).

 diy - bokeh effect blur
ISO 100, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/5sec 

Out of focus lights will take the the shape of your cardboard pattern (decoupage).

As you defocus the lights in the image the shapes grow bigger.

Bokeh effect hart shape
ISO 100, 50mm, f/1,8, 2.0sec 

 bokeh effect butterfly effect
ISO 400, 50mm, f/1.8, 1/4 sec

You can make many forms from harts, stars, smiley faces... Use your imagination and create art from anything.

I want to show you just how you can focus on a closer object or person and in out of focus yow will have the bokeh shape effect.

bokeh effect diy blur

Whit the zoom lens is the same thing:  yow take the shot whit large aperture and focus somewhere close to the lens and the lights will be out of focus. They will appear  in the shape of your pattern.

Yow can use this effect to make a movie too:

That`s it. Hope you'll have fun.

Drop me questions if you have any.

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